How to Sustainably Grow Your Revenue and Profits

Published: 29 Sep - 2021 by Ben Rendle

Rapid revenue growth has its pitfalls. Luckily, there are ways to grow your revenue steadily and sustainably.


Businesses strive to make more revenue and profits. However, the relationship between company growth and available resources isn't as straightforward as it might seem.

Revenue growth requires financing and it depends on the company's resources. 

If development is too fast, it will outpace resource replenishment. Paradoxically, a business that starts to grow rapidly is at a greater risk of going broke than one that’s growing at a slower pace.

This is where the concept of sustainability comes in. 

When revenue grows in good measure and existing resources can support it, growth can be maintained over a long period and debts won't overweigh assets.

Here are the best ways to ensure your revenue and profits are within the bounds of sustainable growth.


Tip #1. Work on Overall Efficiency

A systematic approach to company growth is based on investing heavily in methods that will pay off in the long run. The large initial investment serves to make the whole system more efficient, so the cost balances out over time.

Timing is crucial to this approach. Naturally, the company needs to have the resources necessary to invest, but a detailed financial forecast is vital to the effort.

The right time to invest is when there's some level of certainty that your business will have enough assets as a buffer in the period it takes to even out the cost. In that span, the revenue might drop, but later returns will grow if you make the right investment.


Tip #2. Start Small

It isn't necessary to make giant steps in company transformation to ascertain sustainable growth. For some businesses, working with available resources and tightening efficiency is the best way to go.

By ironing out the smaller details, your company can start growing its profit until it reaches its optimal limit. 

Think of any factor that's slowing down productivity, or if a system in place needs updating to become more efficient. The small changes will slowly produce more revenue and eventually get your business to a point when more significant investments can be considered.


Tip #3. Extend Your Reach Beyond the Company Itself

There's much a business can work on to improve the way it functions. However, there's a whole world outside the company that can be influenced in various ways. 

If you aim for sustainable growth, consider how you can involve your customers and suppliers into that effort.

Nothing can aid your business like the power of giving when it comes to customers. If you can offer some kind of incentive for people using your product or service, you could create a symbiotic relationship with your customers.

These strategies can lead both to greater customer satisfaction and the company achieving sustainable growth, and the same goes for your relationship with suppliers.


Plan Carefully and Reap the Rewards

Working on sustainable growth is a long-term process. It will require dedication, time, and risk-taking. 

However, if you're ready to step outside of your comfort zone, your company could be on its way to great success.


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