Why Your First Sale Should Be To Yourself

Published: 22 Dec - 2020 by Ben Rendle

YAY! – You have booked a meeting with a prospective client. After the initial call with the prospect, you are excited. You feel this prospect fits with the ethos of your business, As you get closer to the meeting date, the nerves start to set in..

After all, this prospect is such a good fit, you would really enjoy working with them. But what if I don’t sign them up at the meeting? Will they go away thinking I'm too expensive?

Now the self-doubt has set in. It is often this self-doubt and fear of rejection that leads HR Consultants to undersell their value. Offering pricing that proves sub-optimal in the long term.

Fear of rejection

This fear of rejection is understandable. Many HR consultants start their careers as a technician. Working within a single business and being focused on providing the service. Thinking about the sales side, and convincing people to buy the service would never have been on your radar, that is until you decided to set up on your own.

The truth is we all suffer from at best a fear of rejection at some point, at worst a little bit of imposter syndrome may creep in. This is because ultimately, we are used to working away in the background and a sales situation feels uncomfortable to us at first.

The value of a sale

When I started my business, I found that I was discounting my services without being asked due to the fear of not converting a sale. I soon realised that this was not a practice I could continue with if I wanted to scale the business.

It was this experience that led me to evaluate my mindset around sales. Below I detail some tips to help you do the same.

Make the most important change

#1 Appreciating your own Value.  What value do you put on your time and knowledge? How many years has this knowledge bank taken to collate? How many mistakes have you made in the past, that you have learnt from?

There’s something very important that you need to realise about your services…

They’re valuable!



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