Management Accounting Services

Is you business growing? Do you need better financial information to make better business decisions? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then these services are for you.

At BR Accounting & Business Services Management Accounting is our core service offering. We are specialists in this field of accounting, and are able to utilise nearly two decades of experience across several industries to analyse your business finances.

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Management Accounts

Management Accounts Current financial information is key to growing your business, and Management Accounts are more than just a profit and loss!

Management Accounts can be produced on a monthly or quarterly basis and are used to:

  • Analyse and report on key financial data within an organisation ensuring that the key staff receive timely, accurate and relevant information.
  • Allow you to identify any issues early, allowing you to take corrective action swiftly.
  • Assist with the development and control of your financial systems to ensure you’re your accounts are effectively managed.
  • Investigate variances against budget and provide an analysis of differences and the reasons for them.
  • Provide comparative information with previous periods, with ratio’s and analysis.
  • Assist in the preparation of annual budgets and cashflow forecasts.

This will all help to explain the financial implications of business decisions, and aid a more informed decision making process.

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Forecasting & Budgeting

Forecasting is the process of making predicting the likely future performance of your business over the short, medium or long term. These forecasts are based on assumptions determined by analysis of past and present information to identify trends.

Budgeting involves planning and constructing a model of how your business might perform if your assumptions and strategies come true, normally over the course of the next year. This can include budgeting for sales, costs and cash flow.

At BR Accounting & Business Services we can help with forecasting and budgeting needs, from initially analysing the key financial data to preparing the final budget in a step by step process.

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Cash Flow

"I have made all this profit, why don't I have the money to pay HMRC?"

Cash Flow issues account for 80-90% of all business failures and sadly it is not unheard of for even large, successful businesses to experience issues in this area.

Cash Flow Management is therefore one of the most important aspects of running any business, without cash you cannot trade.

Here at BR Accounting & Business Services we can help you to identify the cause of your cash flow issues, showing you where your working capital is tied up, and help to improve the cash flowing into your business.

We can assist to set up financial systems and processes to analyse cash flow and provide key management information to improve your cash flow.

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Management Information

Management Information is the management of information systems to provide data which can then aid with effective strategic decision making.

At BR Accounting & Business Services we can look at how and where your information is input, exported and used to give the best information; in a format which is easily understood, to enable the best informed decision making.

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